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Just one more thing, and I’m shutting up on this matter.

Look here:

Hugh Laurie, long-term TV partner and best friend of Stephen Fry, tweeted a link to a news story. The news story was about Daily Mail and George Clooney. Daily Mail published a fake on Clooney, got caught, had to retract and apologise. Clooney duly rejected the apology and shamed Daily Mail worldwide as the worst kind of tabloid.

Just several days after, Daily Mail published some bullshit on the man known for his firm anti-abuse stance, for his friendship with abuse survivors (pianist James Rhodes is probably the best known example) and for his support of abuse survivors - and guess what, papers like Independent gladly reprinted this crap, and audiences unleashed their pseudo-holy wrath not on papers, but on the man, openly calling him “rape apologist” and “pedo supporter”. “Ordinary” insults aside.

Hugh Laurie tweeted the link to Clooney story right after sick (and sickening) mobs began to tear his friend apart. I wonder why…

Apparently he wasn’t heard.

Lately I guess I just had to accept that sometimes the Stephen tag will be filled with people full of hatred who are ready to attack anyone based on any printed word found in the trash (which might as well be the definition of the Daily Mail). There's no way around it. There isn't. The best thing we can do is to ignore it or make humour of it, like he does. XX

I know it now - Tumblr is filled with very immature people, screaming to be heard on no matter what subject. Wish it was easier to accept this and stop looking for any kind of balance.:)

Re-read what I posted earlier today. Oh dear.:)

Some things really bring out the worst of me. Not only because I love Stephen dearly (he is not my idol, he is a man whose work I admire and whom I deeply care about as a human being, for many reasons, including entirely personal ones - he helped me more than once when nobody else could help) and dare think that there are better ways to understand his reasons and motives than “information” from newspapers (if you care to understand, not to attack and insult not only the man himself, but also those who didn’t join the attacking mob), but also because I hate tabloid press (and print press in general - when Independent reprints Daily Mail, it’s hard to find any difference between them) and Stephen has nothing to do with this, it started a long ago. British press is not unique in this regard, I witnessed the power of bad (and vile intended) journalism on different examples from another country and another time and it was very scary.

Just think of one thing: nobody knows what he actually said, only how Daily Mail interpreted his reported words. Knowing pretty much about Stephen Fry, his stances and his views from his own works (his whole works, not quoted and misquoted), I CAN imagine what he might have said - if Daily Mail has right to interpret things, surely a humble tabloid hater has such right too? - and I’m sure he was, as usual, appealing to common sense and basic rules of law and warning against mobs and hysteria when people get openly labeled upon any kind of stupid rumour and when tabloid articles are used as excuses for calling people things that only court has right to call them.

I was assaulted once. A long ago. Managed to escape, didn’t even see the face of that man. I wish I could bring him to justice (which was not possible by my country laws, he caused me no physical damage). And if bringing him to justice were EVER possible, the last thing I would want for myself is any kind of support from mad crowds. I think that this kind of “support” wouldn’t make me feel braver and wouldn’t add any weight to my evidence. On the contrary. Also, I don’t believe that angry mobs care about victims. They don’t care about anyone and their “stances” for righteous causes have zero value. If a victim they pretend to care about says a word they don’t like, this victim will be burned at the stake by the same people who pretended to “give support” just a minute ago.

Justice is never one-sided. Never blind. And justice is not carried about by Daily Mail and people who shamelessly use pain and suffering of crime victims as a cover for their own savagery.


i dont know exactly whats going on but people seem to be accusing Stephen Fry of some awful things and let me tell you that Stephen Fry is the most perfect human being in the world and you’re all daft for reading that attention seeking bullshit.

Nobody’s perfect, but he really is a good man. Unfortunately, for angry mob it has zero value.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. WHAT A FANTASTIC CASTING DECISION.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. WHAT A FANTASTIC CASTING DECISION.

If tumblr wasn’t such a good source of pictures, gifs and other fun stuff, it wouldn’t have been worth attention at all. What incredible concentration of brainless people.

You’re calling a person “rape apologist” basing this ON A TABLOID ARTICLE? Does smell like a false accusation to me…:) I know that arguing with retards is useless and sometimes even harmful (too late, yes, I have stupidly done it too many times), so thank you, tumblr, for ignore button. Pity one can’t ignore before reading, not after - impossible, yes.:)

Don’t tell me what - and whom - to like. If I ever stop liking something - or someone - it won’t be because of baseless, badly worded hysterics. They only make me think that my grey matter is not really that bad, because it’s actually usable.:) 

Get a fucking life and stop screwing up good and necessary things (like protection of crime victims) with your idiocy. You really, really don’t help anything. I have been sexually harassed myself and believe me, I’d rather stand alone against the whole world than be supported by individuals like you and your kind. Goodness, will any kind of anti-moron shield EVER be invented?!:)

What’s even worse, I seriously suspect that the real problem with people is even scarier than idiocy…:(

Twisting Words of @stephenfry


I’m a bit worried about Stephen Fry. I only have news stories and Twitter comments to go by, but it seems to me the wrong assumptions are being made.

From what I’ve read, all he said is that the rule of law should be applied fairly and that is “innocent until proven guilty.”

I’m certain he is…

Very well put and very true. It’s nice to hear a voice of reason.

Jul 8
The purrfect man with an improving dog. He lent his improving books to Wooster.

The purrfect man with an improving dog. He lent his improving books to Wooster.

Jul 3
Stephen’s memoir cover image, better quality.:)

Stephen’s memoir cover image, better quality.:)

The name and the cover of the 3rd part of Stephen’s autobiography. The cover picture is entirely adorable.:)

The name and the cover of the 3rd part of Stephen’s autobiography. The cover picture is entirely adorable.:)


"Nothing causes panic like telling people to remain calm." (c) PM Davies

Oh, and President Heller is my 2nd favourite now.:)

Ma babeh Jeevezzz!He’s da fuckin’ best, ya know…

Ma babeh Jeevezzz!
He’s da fuckin’ best, ya know…

Oh Stephen. <3 Bedroom eyes: one shot. Cheeky smile: one shot. Suddenly Monday gets better.

That&#8217;s my boy.:)

That’s my boy.:)